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Demoss Cleaning & Restoration

What we do

We are able to provide a reliable and professional team and high temperature cleaning service using high quality equipment.

At Demoss we specialise in cleaning the outside of your home. We use Eco-Friendly products that are not harmful to the environment and family and pet friendly. 

We are fully insured, trained and equipped with the latest cleaning and application equipment. Our service area covers Surrey and London areas, but we can travel to wherever our service is needed.

  • Roof cleaning – regular roof cleaning is recommended in order to remove accumulated dirt and other debris that can have a negative impact on roofing materials, as well as on the visual appearance of the building.

Our roof cleaning and repair services:

  • All Moss removed by hand with a brush or with low pressure jet wash,
  • Replacement of all broken and missing tiles or slates,
  • Gutter and window cleaning,
  • Moss, algae and fungi prevention treatments,
  • Roof sealing if required.

Driveway cleaning – a dirty driveway affects the overall look of your home or business, we provide cleaning plus re-sanding and sealing if required.

Patio cleaning – a dirty patio can become slippery from algae and moss growth.

Stone & brick cleaning – using DOFF system Deck & fence cleaning Algae & Moss removal Gutter Cleaning.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning:

  • Protects your roof,
  • Extends the life of your roof,
  • Protects against frost damage,
  • Make older roofs look like new,
  • Improves the look of your home,
  • Adds value to your property,
  • Saves money

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